THE COLORS OF HAPPINESS - Exhibition 07/11/2019 - 15/12/2019, Art Symbol Gallery - Place des Vosges, Paris

Happiness. That is really what it is about. The happiness that Stephan Chinikov feels in having us share his colors full of life, his notes of music that transport us and his generous forms that make existence pleasanter. The happiness that we feel in plunging into this universe comprised of shared love, embracing bodies and complicit looks. Love inseparable from music to such an extent that it is experienced with the same passion on the altar of which our senses abandon themselves. Music inseparable from colors since they are expressed with a broad range of notes that heighten our emotions to the point of making them palpable. Colors that so well know how to embrace the forms of these characters, loved and loving, being drawn into frenzied dances made of nuances of touch. Stephan Chinikov is obviously a romantic who makes his poetry serve an acrylic that does not tolerate any hesitation. A musician of colors who offers us a new score in which our excited senses take shape through amorous lines and geometries. A range that sweeps all the rich colors of life, the passionate colors of love and the dazzling colors of music. Even allowing itself a few gradations of black, which like negatives, reveals the strength of the lines and contours to us. Therefore on the road of life, searching for happiness, take the time to enter the universe of Stephan Chinikov.

Stéphane DESPREZ